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Many people in the United States are seeking health care more affordable, due to the continuous increase in premiums. Accountants, many companies have learned to cut costs and used the high costs of providing health care for employees as a place to cut services. This occurred to me not long ago in the company where I work, where benefits of reduced health for each employee. He informed everyone that due to the increased cost of providing health care, they would use a new supplier for less.He said that to have a health system for a low cost means that everyone would have to change companies. Many people I met were satisfied with the new insurance and I am so well established. One of the biggest problems when I try to find less expensive insurance, having my daughter and wife in the policy now costs two times more than before. So basically, for all employees to enjoy where I work, I have to pay double, but my salary remains the same, so I actually take home less.I guess my plan for health care is good, but this new company is not as good as before. The rise of pocket expenses and higher co-payments and less money in our paychecks are the result of changes in my business to a provider of affordable health care. It makes more sense when you realize how the old policy because I did not pay one hundred when I was in hospital 2 years ago by giving birth to my daughter. I sat down and worked on the cost of the new plan, and if I had to stay in hospital and now has a baby that would cost about $ 4,000 in my pocket.However, this amount is only for the hospital and the delivery because I have other expenses and does not seem fair for most involved. There is clearly a market for these systems, because more care options and health care more affordable are becoming available. Single mothers, families who work for companies that do not offer coverage, low-income households – they are all able to obtain low cost or free medical care. The problem is when a few people take advantage of a system that was designed for those who need it most.Sorry for those who really need affordable health care should look and see others who are like sponges in the system: a financial burden for the state. Even if they say they can not be a burden for the state, I mean really a burden for its citizens because it is the taxpayer who foots the bill. It is true that my employer is happy because he found distinct advantages to finding a different program than the health plan. However, his technique was to save money is not good news for employees because suddenly we were at their cost reduction efforts – to see less money in our paychecks. Provide health care that is affordable for Americans must be addressed sooner rather than later.

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